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Wildfires in the southern Rocky Mountain region have increased in size, frequency, and severity over the past three decades, but forest recovery following high severity wildfire events is uncertain in this region. We studied conifer regeneration in 11 fires in Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming in unburned, low-to-moderately burned, and severely burned areas. Our preliminary findings indicate that conifer regeneration is occurring in high severity burn areas across the southern Rockies region, but at low densities, particularly in comparison to unburned and low-to-moderate severity burn areas. Our preliminary results also indicate that distance from surviving forest and climatic water deficit are influencing conifer regeneration within high severity burn areas.

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Aug 28, 2018
Marin Chambers, Paula J. Fornwalt, Miranda Redmond, Sparkle L. Malone, Michael A. Battaglia

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Fire Effects
Ecological - Second Order
Fire Regime
Fire Intensity / Burn Severity
Fuels Inventory & Monitoring
Recovery after fire

NRFSN number: 18172
FRAMES RCS number: 56473
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