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Alexis L. Waldron, Mike Alarid
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Human Dimensions of Fire Management

NRFSN number: 17548
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The wildland fire environment is entering a new age of complexity in terms of not only the biophysical fire environment but also the social environment. More and more attention is being paid to the human side of fire and the role that leadership plays in the performance, safety, and well-being of firefighters. In the early 2000s, the National Wildfire Coordinating Group’s Leadership Subcommittee introduced three core leadership values—duty, respect, and integrity—as a basis for shaping the kind of leaders we as fire professionals would like to follow. The core leadership values are associated with 11 principles. However, evidence suggests that more than following the 11 principles outlined under duty, respect, and integrity is needed to truly become an accomplished leader (Waldron and Ebbeck 2015). Leadership necessitates interconnectedness— the understanding of others and the subsequent development of relationships.


Waldron A, Alarid M. 2017. Becoming Authentic: The Heart of Leadership in Wildland Fire Management. Fire Management Today 75 (2): 45-48.
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