Stephen A. Fitzgerald, Kara Baylog, Max Bennett, Rhiann Simes, Nicole Strong
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Fire Communication & Education

NRFSN number: 17355
FRAMES RCS Number: 25752
Record updated: April 4, 2018

The Citizen Fire Academy (CFA) program equips participants with the knowledge they need to improve fire preparedness and resiliency on their own properties and in their communities. This curriculum offers interested educators or agencies the teaching tools needed to conduct their own CFA program, including lesson plans, detailed agendas, tour ideas, and suggestions for presenting it as a hybrid course. The content is divided into six modules, with options to combine and separate the modules to fit the needs of the CFA facilitator.


Fitzgerald, Stephen A.; Baylog, Kara; Bennett, Max; Simes, Rhianna; Strong, Nicole. 2018. Citizen fire academy: curriculum package for facilitators and educators. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University. 154 p.

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