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Recent findings relating to firefighter safety zones

Author(s): Bret W. Butler, Russell A. Parsons, William E. Mell
Editor(s): Robert E. Keane, William Matt Jolly, Russell A. Parsons, Karen L. Riley
Year Published: 2015

Designation of safety zones is a primary duty of all wildland firefighters. Unfortunately, information regarding what constitutes an adequate safety zone is inadequately defined. Measurements of energy release from wildland fires have been used to develop an empirically based safety zone guideline. The basis for this work is described here.

Citation: Butler, Bret; Parsons, Russ; Mell, William. 2015. Recent findings relating to firefighter safety zones. Pages 30-34. In: Keane, Robert E.; Jolly, Matt; Parsons, Russell; Riley, Karin (editors). Proceedings of the large wildland fires conference; May 19-23, 2014; Missoula, MT. Proceedings RMRS-P-73. Fort Collins, CO: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.
Topic(s): Fire Behavior, Fire Safety Zones
Ecosystem(s): None
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
NRFSN number: 16918
FRAMES RCS number: 20875
Record updated: May 16, 2018