Kathleen M. Navarro, Stacey S. Frederick
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Human Dimensions of Fire Management
Human Factors of Firefighter Safety
Smoke & Air Quality
Smoke & Populations
Wildland Firefighter Health

NRFSN number: 16582
FRAMES RCS number: 24353
Record updated: November 29, 2022

Wildland firefighters suppressing wildland fires or conducting prescribed fires work long shifts and are exposed to high levels of smoke with no respiratory protection. Inhalation of smoke is a safety concern for wildland firefighters and can potentially impair their performance and cause short and long term health impacts.


Navarro, Kathleen M.; Frederick, Stacey S. 2017. Wildland firefighter exposure to hydrocarbons. Research Brief for Resource Managers. California Fire Science Consortium. 2 p.

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