What is the state of Americans’ connection to nature? How do we overcome disconnection? The Nature of Americans National Report: Disconnection and Recommendations for Reconnection reveals important insights from a study of nearly 12,000 adults, children, and parents, and provides recommendations to open the outdoors for all. Findings show that Americans from all backgrounds increasingly face barriers to spending time outside. More than half of adults reported spending five hours or less in nature each week and feeling satisfied with this amount, but also lamenting that children today are growing up with limited opportunities to experience nature. There is a disconnect here: just because people recognize the importance of nature, they do not necessarily actively seek ways to incorporate it into their lives. The key is to identify opportunities to help Americans overcome this gap between interest in nature and action. In this seminar, we will hear from the researchers who conducted this study as well as social scientists and a public affairs specialist about how the findings translate to on-the-ground work. Presenters will share the findings of the Nature of Americans study and provide actionable recommendations for how you can use this information to bridge the gap between Americans and nature. To learn more about the Nature of Americans study before the seminar, go to natureofamericans.org.

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Nov 29, 2017
Fire Communication & Education, Public Perspectives of Fire Management, Human Dimensions of Fire Management