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James R. Karr, Jonathan J. Rhodes, G. Wayne Minshall, F. Richard Hauer, Robert L. Beschta, Christopher A. Frissell, David A. Perry
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Post-fire Management
Salvage Logging

NRFSN number: 16298
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Recent changes in the forest policies, regulations, and laws affecting public lands encourage postfire salvage logging, an activity that all too often delays or prevents recovery. In contrast, the 10 recommendations proposed here can improve the condition of watersheds and aquatic ecosystems.


Karr, J. R., J.J Rhodes, G.W. Minshall, F.R Hauer, R.L. Beschta, C.A Frissell, and D.A Perry. 2004. The effects of postfire salvage logging on aquatic ecosystems in the American West. BioScience, 54:1029-1033.[1029:TEOPSL]2.0.CO;2

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