This video series is a compilation of post-fire interviews, workshops, and research presentations, highlighting the special conditions of the fire and the unique community outcomes. Through collaboration and partnerships, these mountain communities are learning to live with fire in the landscape. During the summer of 2013 over 1000 wildfires burned throughout Colorado totaling almost 200,000 acres. One of these, the West Fork Fire Complex, burned through the beetle-killed forests of the Upper Rio Grande and San Juan National Forests in southern Colorado. While other fires in the state drew national attention due to proximity to urban areas, the West Fork Complex went relatively unnoticed, with the exception of local communities dependent on ecological, recreational, and agriculture resources.

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Aug 17, 2017

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Fuel Treatments & Effects
Management Approaches
Post-fire Management

NRFSN number: 15943
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Record updated: May 25, 2023