The Western Governors' Association webinar "Rangeland Management Strategies and Tools: Promoting Resiliency and Addressing Invasive Species" examined new developments for increased resilience to the threats posed to western rangelands by invasive species, drought, wildfire and other stressors. Panelists discussed techniques that maintain high-quality rangeland plant communities in areas where they persist, and restore them in areas where they have declined. The panel was moderated by: Jeremy Maestas, Sagebrush Ecosystem Specialist, USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service. The Panelists: Chad Boyd, Rangeland Ecologist, Research Leader, Burns, Oregon, USDA - Agricultural Research Service; Brian Mealor, Director, University of Wyoming Sheridan Research and Extension Center; and Jay Kerby, Southeast Oregon Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy. This webinar is one in a series for the "National Forest and Rangeland Management Initiative," the Chairman's Initiative of Montana Governor Steve Bullock, which creates a mechanism for states and land managers to share best practices and policy options for forest and rangeland management.

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Jan 12, 2017
Chad S. Boyd, Brian A. Mealor, Jay Kerby
Fire Ecology, Resilience, Invasive Species, Recovery after fire, Fire Effects, Ecological - Second Order
Sagebrush steppe, Lower montane/foothills/valley grassland