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Patrick Lagadec
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Fire Communication & Education
Crisis Communication

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This early work of Lagadec’s, though it is nearly a decade and half old, continues to provide a helpful summary of guidelines mangers can use during a crisis. The book, targeted specifically for decision makers, is organized into three parts that answer three main questions: What is a crisis? How do you manage a crisis? How do you develop a learning process to prevent a crisis? Case studies from the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, the radioactive threats posed by Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear accidents, the 1985 Mexico earthquake, the Tylenol pill tampering case, and the Cuban missile crisis, among many others, are used to drive home his crucial points. Lagadec is describing how to have a “brutal audit” to anticipate potential errors before the real-time brutal accident occurs, and how to properly prepare a course of action, both individually and organizationally, once chaos and disaster do occur.


Lagadec P. 1993. Preventing chaos in a crisis: strategies for prevention, control and damage limitation. Berkshire, England: McGraw Hill Book Company, 363 p.

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