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The sagebrush-grass region: A review of the ecological literature

Author(s): E.W. Tisdale, M. Hironaka
Year Published: 1981

The objective of this paper is to provide a comprehensive review of literature on the vegetation of the sage brush region of North America. Despite its prime importance as a grazing resource, and the problems produced by its use and misuse, research on this large and va ried ecosystem was quite limited during the first half of this century. Increased ac tivity began in the 1950s and has expanded greatly during the last two decades, stimulated by federall y supported regional projects, the International Biological Program, and establishment of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Shrub Sciences Laboratory at Provo , Utah. The result has been an impressive increase in the technical litera ture, appearing in a wide variety of media. Much additional material of va lue exists in unpublished theses and reports. Although bibliographies for particular topics have been compiled, no comprehensive attempt has been made so far to cover the whole range of research and pub lication dealing with the sagebrush-grass vegetation.

Citation: Tisdale, E. W.; Hironaka, M. 1981. The sagebrush-grass region: A review of the ecological literature. Bull. 33. Moscow, ID: University of Idaho, Forest, Wildlife and Range Experiment Station. 31 p.
Topic(s): Fire Effects, Vegetation, Management Approaches
Ecosystem(s): Sagebrush steppe
Document Type: Synthesis
NRFSN number: 15435
Record updated: Mar 19, 2018