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Corey L. Gucker
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Fire & Climate
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Recovery after fire

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The Available Science Assessment Project (ASAP) leads, EcoAdapt and Oregon State University’s Institute for Natural Resources, hosted a workshop during the International Association of Wildland Fire’s 5th Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference, in cooperation with the Northwest Fire Science Consortium and the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network. The workshop had managers and scientists build on a systematic map of the literature and results of an earlier scientist workshop. Outcomes from the manager and scientist workshop reflect perspectives of 36 participants from 30 organizations, which included federal and state agencies, tribal governments, non-profits, universities, and other research organizations.
The 2016 workshop, in part, explored on-the-ground climate adaptation actions that might be used for fire and fuels management under future climate conditions. Specifically, workshop participants were asked to identify the likely impacts of climate change and what they saw as barriers and potential opportunities for the use of - Prescribed fire, Mechanical fuel treatment, Managed wildfire, and Post-fire restoration (seeding/planting).


Gucker, Corey L. 2016. Adapting fuel treatments in a changing climate - Prescribed fire, mechanical treatments, wildfire, and restoration. Northern Rockies Fire Science Network Field Trip Summary No. 3: 5th IAWF Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference. 2016 April 11. Portland, OR.
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