Roger D. Ottmar, J. Kevin Hiers, Bret W. Butler, Craig B. Clements, Matthew B. Dickinson, Andrew T. Hudak, Joseph J. O'Brien, Brian E. Potter, Eric Rowell, Tara Strand, Thomas J. Zajkowski
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Fuel Treatments & Effects
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NRFSN number: 13696
Record updated: May 24, 2018

The lack of independent, quality-assured field data prevents scientists from effectively evaluating and advancing wildland fire models. To rectify this, scientists and technicians convened in the south-eastern United States in 2008, 2011 and 2012 to collect wildland fire data in six integrated core science disciplines defined by the fire modelling community. These were fuels, meteorology, fire behaviour, energy, smoke emissions and fire effects. The campaign is known as the Prescribed Fire Combustion and Atmospheric Dynamics Research Experiment (RxCADRE) and sampled 14 forest and 14 non-forest sample units associated within 6 small replicate (<10 ha) and 10 large operational (between 10 and 1000 ha) prescribed fires. Precampaign planning included identifying hosting agencies receptive to research and the development of study, logistics and safety plans. Data were quality-assured, reduced, analysed and formatted and placed into a globally accessible repository maintained by the US Forest Service Research Data Archive. The success of the RxCADRE project led to the commencement of a follow-on larger multiagency project called the Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE). This overview summarises the RxCADRE project and nine companion papers that describe the data collection, analysis and important conclusions from the six science disciplines.


Ottmar, R.D.; Hiers, J.K.; Butler, B.W.; Clements, C.B.; Dickinson, M.B.; Hudak, A.T.; O'Brien, J.J.; Potter, B.E.; Rowell, E.M.; Strand, T.M.; Zajkowski, T.J. 2015. Measurements, datasets and preliminary results from the RxCADRE project - 2008, 2011 and 2012. International Journal of Wildland Fire.

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