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Jeremy S. Fried, Theresa B. Jain, Jonathan Sandquist
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Fire & Economics
Fuel Treatments & Effects
Fuels Inventory & Monitoring

NRFSN number: 13480
FRAMES RCS number: 17489
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As part of a recent synthesis addressing fuel management in dry, mixed-conifer forests, we analyzed more than 5,000 Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) plots, a probability sample that represents 33 million acres of these forests throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and extreme northern California. We relied on the BioSum analysis framework (Daugherty and Fried 2007, Barbour et al. 2008) that integrates several models to evaluate the economics of treating fuels by using 13 different mechanical fuel treatments per plot. We are extending this analysis to explore the carbon dynamics associated with these fuel treatments and to share a conceptual model and preliminary results.


Fried, Jeremy S.; Jain, Theresa B.; Sandquist, Jonathan. 2013. Modeled forest inventory data suggest climate benefits from fuels management. Fire Management Today 73(2):11-14.
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