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Landscape science solutions for resource managers

Date: January 22, 2015
Presenter(s): Jerry Tagestad

Jerry Tagestad, Sr. Research Scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will discuss deriving information from geospatial data, and a recently developed fire risk model and how it might be adapted for the Great Basin. The ability to make informed decisions about landscape condition and fire risk usually isn't limited by a lack of data; rather, decision-makers often are overwhelmed by too much data, but lack information. This webinar will provide an overview of tools that the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has developed to aid rangeland managers in deriving information from the abundant geospatial data available today. Particular emphasis will be placed on a recently developed pre-season fire risk model that could be adapted for the Great Basin. 

Topic(s): Risk, Risk assessment, Strategic Risk
Ecosystem(s): Juniper woodland, Sagebrush steppe, Lower montane/foothills/valley grassland
Type: Webinar
NRFSN number: 13217
FRAMES RCS number: 18984
Record updated: Feb 20, 2019