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Community experiences with wildfire: actions, effectiveness, impacts, and trends

Author(s): Autumn Ellison, Melanie Knapp, Jesse Abrams, Max W. Nielsen-Pincus, Travis B. Paveglio, Cassandra Moseley
Year Published: 2015

This paper explores community experiences with and perceptions of local wildfire preparedness by summarizing results from two recent surveys. These surveys, one conducted at the county scale and one at the community scale, were completed by wildfire planning participants and community leaders in places across the U.S. West that had both crafted a CWPP and experienced a recent large wildfire. This research sought a better understanding of what communities have done to prepare for wildfire and how effective these efforts have been in reducing the negative impacts from large wildfires. We also sought an understanding of how wildfire efforts at the local level have changed in the decade since HFRA was passed, and whether county officials and community leaders believed that local resilience to wildfires had increased or decreased. 

Citation: Ellison, A.; Knapp, M.; Abrams, J.; Moseley, C.; Nielsen-Pincus, M.; Paveglio, M. 2015. Community experiences with wildfire: actions, effectiveness, impacts, and trends. Working Paper No. 56, University of Oregon, Ecosystem Workforce Program. 24 p.
Topic(s): Fire Communication & Education, Public Perspectives of Fire Management
Ecosystem(s): None
Document Type: Technical Report or White Paper
NRFSN number: 13068
Record updated: Oct 17, 2017