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This webinar is the second of a four-part series for managers and scientists to discuss up-to-date information regarding the benefits, challenges, opportunities, and trade-offs among the different strategies and tools related to fuel treatment applications within dry mixed conifer forests of the western United States.

Presenters: Mike Battaglia, Terrie Jain, and Russ Graham - USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station

Description: Prescribed fire is one tool used for treating fuels and achieving natural resources objectives in dry mixed conifer forests. However, the use of fire is never straightforward and always contains elements of uncertainty and complexity. The process is far more complex than using other treatment techniques due to the element of uncertainty. With invited fire practitioners, we will focus on critical aspects of prescribed fire planning, implementation, and monitoring. We also will discuss unique situations that favor specific post-fire outcomes. For example, if minimizing large tree mortality is an objective or if prescribed fire is used to manage regeneration. We will provide a suite of management options and a process to determine if extra steps need to be taken to favor success.

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Apr 24, 2013
Michael A. Battaglia, Theresa B. Jain, Russell T. Graham

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Fuel Treatments & Effects
Montane dry mixed-conifer forest

NRFSN number: 12808
FRAMES RCS number: 14474
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