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NRFSN number: 12454
FRAMES RCS number: 15561
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This action finalizes a rule to govern the review and handling of air quality monitoring data influenced by exceptional events. Exceptional events are events for which the normal planning and regulatory process established by the Clean Air Act (CAA) is not appropriate. In this rulemaking action, EPA is finalizing the proposal to: Implement section 319(b)(3)(B) and section 107(d)(3) authority to exclude air quality monitoring data from regulatory determinations related to exceedances or violations of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and avoid designating an area as nonattainment, redesignating an area as nonattainment, or reclassifying an existing nonattainment area to a higher classification if a State adequately demonstrates that an exceptional event has caused an exceedance or violation of a NAAQS. The EPA is also requiring States to take reasonable measures to mitigate the impacts of an exceptional event.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Treatment of data influenced by exceptional events; Final Rule. 72 Federal Register 55(22 March 2007): 13560-13581.

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