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Record updated: July 2, 2018

Fire is an essential ecological process in many fire-dependent ecosystems. In large areas of the country, fire exclusion from these ecosystems has led to unhealthy forest, woodland and rangeland conditions. These areas are at risk of intense, severe wildfires that threaten communities and cause significant damage to key ecological
components. As one component of fire management, prescribed fire is used to alter, maintain, or restore vegetative communities; achieve desired resource conditions; and to protect life, property, and values that would be degraded or destroyed by wildfire. The purpose of the PMS 484 is to provide consistent interagency guidance, promote common terms and definitions, and provide standardized procedures, for the planning and implementation of prescribed fire. The PMS 484 describes what is minimally acceptable for prescribed fire planning and implementation. Agencies may choose to provide more restrictive standards and policy direction, but must adhere to these minimums.


U.S. Department of Agriculture; U.S. Department of the Interior. 2008. Interagency prescribed fire planning and implementation procedures guide. 59 p.