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Postharvest residue burning under alternative silvicultural practices

Author(s): Robert W. Steele
Year Published: 1980

Prescribed burning of logging slash was done in clearcut, overstory removal, and understory cutting units in a Douglas-fir stand on the Lubrecht Experimental Forest near Missoula, Mont. The burning prescriptions and actual burning conditions are described. Data on preharvest, post-harvest, and postburn conditions are reported.

Citation: Steele, Robert W. 1980. Postharvest residue burning under alternative silvicultural practices. Res. Note INT-RN-293. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 7 p.
Topic(s): Fuel Treatments & Effects, Fuels
Ecosystem(s): Montane wet mixed-conifer forest, Montane dry mixed-conifer forest
Document Type: Research Brief or Fact Sheet
NRFSN number: 11927
FRAMES RCS number: 14022
Record updated: May 24, 2018