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Estimating fuel weights of grasses, forbs, and small woody plants

Author(s): James K. Brown, Michael A. Marsden
Year Published: 1976

Equations were developed for estimating fuel loading (g/m2) of grasses, narrow-leaved forbs, broad-leaved forbs, and small woody plants common to western Montana and north Idaho. Independent variables were plant height and percentage of ground covered. R2 for the equations ranged from 0.30 to 0.91. The equations provide reasonable estimates for vegetation similar to that sampled in this study; however, accuracy could decrease significantly if the equations are applied to dissimilar vegetation. Differences in ocular estimates of ground cover between observers averaged 5.8 percentage points.

Citation: Brown, James K.; Marsden, Michael A. 1976. Estimating fuel weights of grasses, forbs, and small woody plants. Res. Note INT-RN-210. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 11 p.
Topic(s): Fuels, Fuel Descriptions
Ecosystem(s): Subalpine wet spruce-fir forest, Subalpine dry spruce-fir forest, Montane wet mixed-conifer forest, Montane dry mixed-conifer forest
Document Type: Research Brief or Fact Sheet
NRFSN number: 11923
FRAMES RCS number: 14012
Record updated: Jun 21, 2018