Carl E. Fiedler
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Fuel Treatments & Effects
Mechanical treatments
Management Approaches
Recovery after fire
Montane dry mixed-conifer forest, Ponderosa pine woodland/savanna

NRFSN number: 11891
FRAMES RCS number: 13724
Record updated: June 27, 2018

Sustainable, ecologically-based management of pine/fir forests requires silviculturists to integrate several treatments that emulate historic disturbance processes. Restoration prescriptions typically include cleaning or heavy understory thinning, improvement cutting to reduce the proportion of firs, and modified selection cutting to reduce overall stand density, leading to stands that are moderately open, primarily ponderosa pine, uneven-aged, and large-tree dominated.


Fiedler, Carl E. 2000. Silvicultural treatments. In: Smith, Helen Y., ed. The Bitterroot Ecosystem Management Research Project: what we have learned, symposium proceedings; 1999 May 18-20; Missoula, MT. Proceedings RMRS-P-17. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. p. 19-20.

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