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Breeanne K. Jackson, S. Mazeika P. Sullivan, Rachel L. Malison
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Fire Effects
Ecological - First Order
Fire Intensity / Burn Severity
Ecological - Second Order
Fire Regime
Riparian woodland/shrubland

NRFSN number: 11477
FRAMES RCS number: 12452
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Wildfire effects upon riparian plant community structure, composition, and distribution may strongly influence the dynamic relationships between riparian vegetation and stream ecosystems. However, few studies have examined the influence of fire on these processes. To that end, we compared the quantity and composition of allochthonous inputs of plant material and terrestrial invertebrates among stream tributaries characterized by various degrees of burn severity 5 years post-fire in the Frank Church Wilderness of central Idaho, USA.


Jackson, Breeanne K.; Sullivan, S. Mazeika P.; Malison, Rachel L. 2012. Wildfire severity mediates fluxes of plant material and terrestrial invertebrates to mountain streams. Forest Ecology and Management. 278: 27-34.

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