Bruce A. Shindler
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Fire Communication & Education
Public Perspectives of Fire Management

FRAMES RCS Number: 392
Record updated: September 8, 2020
NRFSN number: 11398

The purpose of this project is to help identify and prioritize the elements of successful communication strategies so that agency personnel can adapt them to their own situation for meeting management objectives. Preferred outcomes include partnerships with local organizations for reducing fuels, shared responsibility for making good choices about forest conditions, and trust among stakeholders. Specific objectives included: 1. Identify partnership arrangements and public outreach programs that hold promise as
relatively new or innovative techniques. 2. Establish cooperative relationships with agency personnel and local partners to allow for monitoring and evaluation of communication activities. 3. Design and implement measures to assess program effectiveness and outcomes in each setting. 4. Develop a framework for implementing public communication strategies that meet management objectives. 5. Create tech transfer materials that provide information to managers in easily accessible and useful formats.


Shindler, Bruce A. 2005. Evaluating communication strategies and local partnerships: methods for reducing fuels, sharing responsibility, and building trust - Final Report to the Joint Fire Science Program. JFSP Project No. 01C-3-3-17. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University, Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management. 139 p.

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