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Climate change, carbon, and forestry in northwestern North America: proceedings of a workshop

Author(s): David L. Peterson, John L. Innes, Kelly O'Brian
Year Published: 2004

Interactions between forests, climatic change and the Earth's carbon cycle are complex and represent a challenge for forest managers-they are integral to the sustainable management of forests. In this volume, a number of papers are presented that describe some of the complex relationships between climate, the global carbon cycle and forests. Research has demonstrated that these are closely connected, such that changes in one have an influence not only on the other two, but also on their linkages. Climatic change represents a considerable threat to forest management in the current static paradigm. However, carbon sequestration issues offer opportunities for new techniques and strategies, and those able to adapt their management to this changing situation are likely to benefit. Such changes are already underway in countries such as Australia and Costa Rica, but it will probably take much longer for the forestry sector in the Pacific Northwest region of North America (encompassing Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia and Alaska) to change their current practices.

Citation: Peterson, David L.; Innes, John L.; O'Brian, Kelly, eds. 2004. Climate change, carbon, and forestry in northwestern North America: proceedings of a workshop. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-614. Portland, OR: USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 117 p.
Topic(s): Fire & Climate, Carbon Sequestration
Ecosystem(s): None
Document Type: Technical Report or White Paper
NRFSN number: 11203
FRAMES RCS number: 6989
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