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Residue characteristics in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Author(s): Robert E. Benson, Joyce A. Schlieter
Year Published: 1981

ANNOTATION: In the northern Rocky Mountains, 350-450 million cubic feet (9.9 to 12.7 million cubic meters) of logging residue is generated each year. Up to 60 percent of the residue material is technologically suitable for wood products, but condition, size and product potential vary among forest types. Other factors which influence residue utilization are level of harvest, trends in wood processing, industrial uses and economic conditions.

Citation: Benson, Robert E.; Schlieter, Joyce A. 1981. Residue characteristics in the Northern Rocky Mountains. In: Harvesting and Utilization Opportunities for Forest Residues in the Northern Rocky Mountains: Symposium Proceedings, 1979 November 28-30, Missoula, MT. Gen. Tech. Rep. GTR-INT-110. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. p. 33-43.
Topic(s): Fuels, Fuel Descriptions
Ecosystem(s): Subalpine wet spruce-fir forest, Subalpine dry spruce-fir forest, Montane wet mixed-conifer forest, Montane dry mixed-conifer forest
Document Type: Conference Proceedings, Technical Report or White Paper
NRFSN number: 11131
FRAMES RCS number: 7527
Record updated: Jun 21, 2018