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Appropriate management responses to wildland fire: options and costs

Author(s): G. Thomas Zimmerman
Year Published: 1999

The Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy and Program Review, chartered and completed in 1995, represents the latest stage in the evolution of wildland fire management. The concept of appropriate management response is central to this policy. Through this approach, management responses are developed to reflect resource management needs and constraints, maximize a commitment to safety, be cost-effective, and accomplish desired objectives while maintaining the flexibility to vary intensity as conditions change. This concept accommodates use of the full range of responses. During the 1998 fire season in the Northern Rocky Mountains, appropriate management responses were developed consistent with the new policy and the full range of options. The appropriate management responses that were applied during August and September are discussed, with emphasis on descriptions of actions, ranges of costs, and contrasts among various responses. Specific examples of concurrent selected wildland fire use and suppression complexes are provided.

Citation: Zimmerman, G. Thomas. 1999. Appropriate management responses to wildland fire: options and costs. In: González-Cabán, Armando; Omi, Philip N., technical coordinators. Proceedings of the symposium on fire economics, planning, and policy: bottom lines. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-173. Albany, CA: USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. p. 255-267.
Topic(s): Fire Policy & Law, Fire & Economics
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Document Type: Conference Proceedings, Technical Report or White Paper
Hot Topic(s): Fire Policy & Law
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