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Joe H. Scott, Ward W. McCaughey
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Management Approaches
Recovery after fire
Alpine forest/krummholz, Subalpine wet spruce-fir forest, Subalpine dry spruce-fir forest

NRFSN number: 11005
FRAMES RCS number: 3002
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This paper reviews general literature, research studies, field observations, and standard Forest Service survival surveys of high-elevation whitebark pine plantations and presents a set of guidelines for outplanting prescriptions. When planting whitebark pine, the recommendations are: 1) reduce overstory competition; 2) reduce understory vegetation, especially grasses and sedges; 3) avoid outplanting in swales or frost pocket areas; 4) provide shade protection; 5) plant where there is protection from heavy snow loading; and 6) provide adequate growing space.


Scott, Joe H.; McCaughey, Ward W. 2006. Whitebark pine guidelines for planting prescriptions. In: Riley, L.E.; Dumroese, R.K.; Landis, T.D., tech. coords. 2006. National Proceedings: Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations - 2005. Proceedings RMRS-P-43. Fort Collins, CO: USDA, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. p. 84-90.