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Kevin D. Hyde, J. Greg Jones, Robin P. Silverstein, Keith Stockmann, Dan R. Loeffler
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Fuel Treatments & Effects
Montane wet mixed-conifer forest, Montane dry mixed-conifer forest, Sagebrush steppe, Lower montane/foothills/valley grassland

NRFSN number: 10973
FRAMES RCS number: 2542
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To plan fuel treatments in the context of comprehensive ecosystem management, forest managers must meet multiple-use and environmental objectives, address administrative and budget constraints, and reconcile performance measures from multiple policy directives. We demonstrate a multiple criteria approach to measuring success of fuel treatments used in the Butte North Strategic Placement of Treatments (SPOT) pilot project. Located in the Beaverhead - Deerlodge National Forests, Montana, the project addresses multiple issues: altered wildlife habitat affecting sensitive species, grassland conversion to forest, an insect epidemic, water resource concerns, wildland-urban interface development, and wildland fire management. Managers are working with researchers to develop dynamic landscape management strategies. They employ multiple modeling approaches to conduct an integrated assessment of ecological and resource issues relative to multiple management scenarios. Besides evaluating effects of proposed treatments on changes to fire behavior, they also evaluate effects on wildlife habitat, disturbance processes, water quality and economics of treatment alternatives. The intent is to effectively integrate fuel management with Forest Plan goals and comprehensive ecosystem management. This approach offers a structure to use multiple criteria to evaluate success of fuel management activities in the context of other resource objectives.


Hyde, Kevin; Jones, J. Greg; Silverstein, Robin; Stockmann, Keith; Loeffler, Dan. 2006. Integrating fuel treatments into comprehensive ecosystem management. In: Andrews, Patricia L.; Butler, Bret W., comps. Proceedings of the 1st fire behavior and fuels conference: fuels management - How to measure success; 2006 March 28-30; Portland, OR. Proceedings RMRS-P-41. Fort Collins, CO: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. p. 549-561.