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Like the first Salvage Science Workshop (May 2021), in this workshop, participants first viewed pre-recorded presentations then came together for virtual panel discussions. All of the presentations can be viewed below.

Presentations discussed on Day 1:

  • Regeneration in Engelmann Spruce Forests Following a Spruce Bark Beetle Epidemic and Salvage Harvest, presented by Mike Battaglia
  • Ecosystem Effects of Salvage Logging – Colorado Case Studies, presented by Chuck Rhoades
  • Streamside Buffers, Skid Trails and Dirty Water: Understanding Their Role During Postfire Salvage Operations, presented by Pete Robichaud

Presentations discussed on Day 2:

  • Logging System Considerations in Fire Salvage, presented by Lisa Ball
  • Fire Salvage Forest Operations: A Contractors Perspective, presented by Loren Kellogg
  • In-woods Biochar Production Using Big Box Kilns, presented by Darren McAvoy
  • Air curtain Burners: Application in Postfire Recovery, presented by Phil Monsanto

More Information

For more resources related to post-fire salvage logging, check out the Post-fire Salvage Logging Hot Topic

Hosted by the Northern Rockies Fire Science Network, the Northwest Fire Science Consortium, the Southern Rockies Fire Science Network, and the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station.



Event Details

Dec 7 - 8 2021, All day
Virtual Event


Cory Davis 406-471-3314

Jessica Brewen 970-498-1370