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A Workshop for Cooperative Extension Educators and Community Leaders -
This workshop will equip Cooperative Extension professionals and other community leaders with the tools needed to successfully face the challenges of living in wildfire-prone environments. National-level scientists and experts will help attendees think through all aspects and stages of fire – before, during, and after – in both urban and rural landscapes. Extension personnel will be invited to share their challenges and success stories. Information will be shared about the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy and its goal of developing fire-adapted communities.
The workshop will include two days of presentations and interactive discussions, a poster session, and an optional scenic and educational field trip to a community and forest recovering from wildfire.
Who should attend -
All Cooperative Extension personnel and their local partners: e.g., elected officials, planning commissioners, Firewise and fire safe leaders, fire chiefs, and anyone else working together at the local level to prepare for wildfires.
This workshop is being presented in conjunction with the Western Rural Development Center.

Event Details

Mar 10 2015, 12am - Mar 12 2015, 12am
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