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This workshop series aimed to engage forest managers in co-developing management strategies that help manage tree regeneration and fuels, and adapt to climate change impacts in post-fire environments. These efforts were designed to inform and learn from forest managers across various sectors in the Northern Rockies region, and to produce useable materials to facilitate post-fire management. The workshop flyer has additional details on specific topics that were covered.

The workshop presenters, Penny Morgan, Camille Steven-Rumann and Jarod Blades, synthesized the science on the implications of a changing climate on post-fire tree regeneration and fuels, drawing upon meta-analysis of observed post-fire tree regeneration, or lack of it, as influenced by burn severity and climate across 52 fires within mixed-conifer forests of the Rockies. They incorporated tree regeneration data, post-fire fuels data, and projected climate of the next 40 years into strategies developed with managers.

Event Details

Feb 23 2018, All day
Mar 6 2018, All day
Mar 7 2018, All day

February 23, 2018: Missoula, MT
March 6, 2018: McCall, ID
March 7, 2018: Boise, ID

Presenter(s): Penny Morgan, Camille Stevens-Rumann, Jarod Blades
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