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The Northern Rockies Fire Science Network partnered with the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s (DNRC) Forestry Division to share information about the development of a statewide wildfire risk assessment. The risk assessment will assist with planning and prioritizing work around the three goals of the Cohesive Strategy - Fire Adapted Communities, Resilient Landscapes and Effective Response to Wildfires. This information is shared as a resource for partners to assist with collaborative regional and local hazard mitigation plans, community wildfire protection plans as well as planning and prioritizing cross-boundary work throughout Montana and within Forestry Division Programs. The end-product is a comprehensive geospatial dataset which represents wildfire risk to communities in Montana. The webinar reviewed the datasets used, modeling process and covered results of the risk assessment.


Presenter(s): Matt Hall, Joe H. Scott, Julie W. Gilbertson-Day

Event Details

Apr 23 2020, 9am - 12pm


Signe Leirfallom 

Matt Hall