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These workshops, held in Bozeman and Missoula, brought together a diverse group of participants to articulate the social and ecological dimensions of resilience that will be important to land management in the coming decades.

Workshop discussions and findings will be used to guide the resilience indicators and management options to be modeled in a JFSP-funded research project titled "What makes for a resilient landscape? Climate, fire and forests in the Northern Rockies."

The key goals of the workshops, which will drive the modeling work of the research team, were: 

  • “Resilience of what?” What do stakeholders consider critical components of resilience? Specifically, the team wants to identify the multiple characteristics (these can be social and ecological) that managers/stakeholders wish to sustain through the 21st century given changing climate and fire regimes. 
  • What are the management options that stakeholders want the research team to consider; what would managers like to see explored?
  • In addition, it would be useful to discuss particular places/landscapes in which to run model simulations.

Workshop organizers compiled an annotated bibliography of references they deemed important in the area of social and ecological dimensions of resilience.

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Event Details

Feb 15 2017, All day
Feb 17 2017, All day