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A Century of Wildland Fire Research: Contributions to Long-Term Approaches - An Online National Academy of Sciences Workshop

NightFire.PNGOn March 27th The Geographical Sciences Committee hosted an online workshop that explored: the history of wildland fire research in the United States, the priorities for future research and state of the science, and how to translate scientific research to better management practices in the field.

The keynote speakers were Stephen Pyne of Arizona State University and Jennifer Balch of the University of Colorado, Boulder. 

Workshop presentations and panel discussions were recorded -

The origins of Forest Service wildland fire research – Diane Smith

Fire science’s American century – Stephen Pyne, Q & A with Pyne

Future of fire in the United States – Jennifer K. Balch, Q & A with Balch

Fire regimes and the ecological role of fire in US landscapes – Meg Krawchuk

Predicting and mapping fire and fire effects – Mark Finney

Changing environmental drivers, tipping points, and resilience – Craig D. Allen

Fire and fuels management – Scott Stephens

Understanding fire - Panel 1 - Krawchuk, Finney, Allen, Stephens

Understanding the wildfire policy context – Toddi Steelman

Community variation in relationship and response to wildland fire – Travis Paveglio

Translating fire science into fire management – J. Kevin Hiers

Wildland fire risk perceptions and mitigation behavior – Patty Champ

Living with fire - Panel 2 - Steelman, Paveglio, Hiers, Champ