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The US Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program along with its partner NCASI is pleased to announce the 2019 FIA Stakeholders Science Meeting. The Stakeholders Science Meeting brings together international forest scientists, managers, and stakeholders to share insights on a wide variety of topics, including contemporary issues, science policy, mensuration, geospatial products, and inventory methods.

The FIA Stakeholders Science Meeting and workshop draws a world-class group of partners, practitioners, and scientists with regional, national, and international inventory and monitoring missions. Maintaining the Forest Service’s leadership in this area requires both regular consultation with FIA’s users, as well as periodic technical exchange among scientists cooperating with FIA in fields such as data visualization, statistical inference, and remote sensing inventory techniques.

Organizers invite presentations that help advance the goals of:

  • Maximizing the value of the ‘annual’ sample design;
  • Advancing the development of delivery tools to meet client needs and take advantage of ever-expanding options for data visualization and communication;
  • Assuring data continuity and tools that supports a variety of land management and NFS planning needs;
  • Integrating more powerful and efficient monitoring technologies and statistical techniques into established analysis lines; and,
  • Supporting FIA’s expansion in areas such as enhanced timber product monitoring, improved carbon/biomass estimates, enhanced ownership study, land cover/use research, urban inventory, monitoring of Interior AK, and small area estimation.

Visit the FIA program website to learn more and register.

Event Details

Nov 19 2019, 12am - Nov 21 2019, 12am