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The National Indian Forest Resource Management Act requires decadal assessments of the status of tribal forests and forest management in the United States. A team of independent experts, otherwise known as the Indian Forest Management Assessment Team (IFMAT) over a period of 2 years visited more than 40 different tribes with significant forest resources and surveyed tribal communities and the BIA staff about tribal forestry issues. IFMAT also conducted focus groups during visits to obtain the perspectives of tribal communities and compared forest management on tribal lands to similar federal and private lands. Eight major findings arose from our efforts that lead to a suite of major and supporting recommendations that will be presented to Congress in spring 2023. Tribal forests have immense potential to showcase long-term forest stewardship by balancing the social, ecological and environmental needs of their communities.

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Fire Lab Seminar Series

The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory has been hosting an annual seminar series since 1998. Hour-long seminars are presented by Fire Lab employees and other researchers from throughout the world. Seminars cover current research and management about the natural world from a broad range of disciplines, but most seminars usually have a wildland fire theme. The Fire Lab Seminar Series provides a platform for researchers and managers to present their work in an environment that encourages critical thought, the free exchange of ideas, and knowledge discovery. For more information, visit the Fire Lab Seminar Series page.

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Mar 30 2023, 11am - 12pm
Virtual Event
Presenter(s): Serra Hoagland

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