Through this webinar, attendees will learn about a NC State University research project that has provided advanced fire shelter materials options, as well as an enhanced technical basis for evaluating fire shelter materials alternatives. The project developed advanced wildland fire shelters that used novel heat-resistant fabric technologies to improve protective insulation and compared the performance of the advanced prototypes with the currently used shelter in lab tests and in prescribed burns. The webinar will also discuss more about the thermal exposure conditions to which fire shelters are exposed in wildland fires; state of the art fire blocking materials that can improve shelter thermal protective performance; the connection between lab tests and shelter performance in wildland fires; many factors that go into determining the performance of fire shelters for wildland firefighters.

Who will benefit: Researchers, Emergency managers, Incident commanders, Fire Protection Engineers, Designers.

Presenters: Dr. Roger L. Barker, North Carolina State University, John Morton-Aslanis, North Carolina State University

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Event Details

Jul 18 2018, 10:30am