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The Natural Areas Conference will be coming to Duluth, Minnesota in 2022. Duluth is located right on the shore of Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. The northeast area of Minnesota is renowned for its natural areas, offering boreal and hardwood forest, extensive lakes, bogs and wetlands, as well as savanna and upland prairie.

Topics: Ecological monitoring: effective/sustainable long-term status and trends Ecological monitoring: data management, storage, accessibility and use Outreach: cutting edge education, volunteer stewardship, citizen science and social media Outreach: involving arts, literature and photography Developing technologies and apps: what to consider in creating or using Protecting and managing natural areas for climate resilience Innovative management techniques, equipment and labor Rare species/pollinator best management practices Prescribed disturbance: haying, grazing, fire, logging Public perception and attitude towards natural areas Making connections with new audiences Flourishing habitats: how they got that way Ecosystem services: what is the true value of natural areas? Native plant materials in restoration/rehabilitation Visitor use: compatible vs non-compatible Invasive species: threats, prevention and management Slowing environmental degradation and resource depletion Conservation partnerships

Event Details

Sep 6 2022, 9am - Sep 9 2022, 12pm