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Fires on sagebrush rangelands are an ever-increasing reality of living in Idaho and the West. Many factors, including invasive plants, drier hotter summers, and human activities, encourage wildfires that threaten both human communities and habitat for native plants and animals. Innovations and coordinated efforts in rangeland fire management are being implemented to combat these threats and mitigate damage.

This year's Rangeland Fall Forum will combine science with local knowledge, featuring panel discussions with scientists, ranchers, conservationists, fire managers and rangeland professionals.

Topics will center on:

  • prevention
  • suppression
  • restoration.

Participants will leave better informed about current research, near-term versus long-term goals, and examples of successful collaborations and lessons learned in Idaho. Visit the
event webpage for more information.

Companion Field Tour:

The 71 Grazing Association and the Three Creek Rangeland Fire Protection Association will co-host a field tour the following day, October 23, 2015. This will create a "double feature" of information and ideas on living with and without rangeland fire.

About the University of Idaho Rangeland Center:

Each fall the University of Idaho Rangeland Center organizes the Rangeland Fall Forum to present science, experience, and discussions surrounding rangeland management challenges in Idaho.

The forum brings together local knowledge and experts in rangeland science and management, featuring perspectives from individuals within land management agencies, conservation organizations and the ranching community. Ideally suited to a wide audience, the forum promotes dialogue and knowledge sharing for sustainable management of western rangelands into the future.

Event Details

Oct 22 2015, 12am - Oct 23 2015, 12am