Since 1997, the International Wildland Fire Safety Summit has been the gathering place for members of the global wildland fire community to focus on how we keep our workforce and communities safe. This event is a time for us to discuss significant events and trends in safety, to promote best practices in safety training and operations, to share safety related research findings, and to explore new approaches to both firefighter and community safety. Likewise, since 2007, the Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference has aimed to advance the knowledge and practice related to the social, political, economic, psychological and other human aspects of managing fire prone landscapes.

Join us for this conference on a trip around the world through the lens of wildland fire. Across four days in May 2021, the IAWF will present real world risks and opportunities in an online environment. We will connect a truly international audience, with global topics and speakers from around the world, on different continents and time zones. The IAWF 16th Wildland Fire Safety Summit and the 6th Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference will address the issues that make the global wildland fire community safe, smart and supported.

5 Fire Themes: Safety, health, risk, decisions, knowledge

4 Fire Days: Online globally Monday May 24 to Thursday May 27, 2021

3 Fire Spotlights: Fire (wildland and prescribed), People (operations, health, politics and science); Planet (climate, technology and urban growth)

2 Fire Conferences: Wildland Fire Safety Summit, Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference

1 Fire Planet:Issues and insights from wildland fire regions around the world

This joint conference offers a forum where past experience and lessons learned are documented, current work showcased, and emerging ideas/technology presented to provide a strong foundation for reflection and action to set the future course of practice, management and research  in response to  local, regional, and global challenges. The 2021 conference will place particular, but not exclusive, emphasis on the COVID-19 and its effects on wildland fire management and our communities around the world.

Event Details

May 24 2021, 12am - May 27 2021, 12am