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The August 2023 Traditional Knowledge and Fire Newsletter is full of research, webinars, podcasts, news, and more resources from Indigenous scholars, managers, and allies.

Learn about JFSP funding opportunities, find resources from the Wilderness and Fire Science Workshop, discover tools and publications, and read more fire science news in the August 2023 newsletter.

Review position descriptions for the new federal Wildland Fire Management series.

Check out the resources on our Wildland Firefighter Health Hot Topic page.


Journal Articles

Martin C. Holdrege, Daniel Schlaepfer, Kyle Palmquist, Michele R. Crist, Kevin E. Doherty, William Lauenroth, Thomas E. Remington, Karin Riley, Karen C. Short, John C. Tull, Lief A. Wiechman, John B. Bradford

Michala Phillips, Cara Lauria, Tova Spector, John B. Bradford, Catherine A. Gehring, Brooke B. Osborne, Armin Howell, Edmund E. Grote, Renee J. Rondeau, Gillian M. Trimber, Ben A. Robinson, Sasha C. Reed

Theodore Keeping, Sandy P. Harrison, Iain Colin Prentice

Regional Map

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