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Incident Kits - Employee Behavioral Health and Wellbeing

The long hours, months of endurance, and ongoing needs for engagement in fire and emergency response, when left unmitigated, pose risks to the wellbeing of all our employees who are making contributions across our agency.

As part of a larger effort in support of our leaders, Agency Administrators (AA), and Incident Management Teams (IMT) and to facilitate conversations with our employees who are engaged in emergency response, you are being invited to use these employee health and wellbeing information kits.

These kits have been developed as a resource in support of personnel to facilitate thoughtful consideration of and conversations about mental health and wellbeing, lending to healthy work environments. Our values drive us to begin to engage in new ways.

AA’s and IMT’s can work together to utilize these kits on incidents. There are short specific guides for AAs, ICs, and HRSPs. The kits contain ready-made posters, IAP inserts, and morning briefing examples for easy deployment. You can pick and choose what is right for your incident using all, or just some of the available tools. A zip file is provided at the bottom for easy sharing as well. If you click on the link, then click the “Download” link at the top of the page, the file will download as an emailable ZIP file for sharing with those outside of the FS network.

We can begin to change our posture on behavioral health and wellbeing of our responders, including all employees contributing to the fire response efforts through the use of these kits.

Thank you for your commitment to support our employees in this way.

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