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Ecohydrologic impacts of rangeland fire on runoff and erosion: a literature synthesis

Author(s): Frederick B. Pierson, Christopher Jason Williams
Year Published: 2016

Fire can dramatically influence rangeland hydrology and erosion by altering ecohydrologic relationships. This synthesis presents an ecohydrologic perspective on the effects of fire on rangeland runoff and erosion through a review of scientific literature spanning many decades. The objectives are: (1) to introduce rangeland hydrology and erosion concepts necessary for understanding hydrologic impacts of fire; (2) to describe how climate, vegetation, and soils affect rangeland hydrology and erosion; and (3) to use examples from literature to illustrate how fire interacts with key ecohydrologic relationships. The synthesis is intended to provide a useful reference and conceptual framework for understanding and evaluating impacts of fire on rangeland runoff and erosion.

Citation: Pierson, Frederick B.; Williams, C. Jason. 2016. Ecohydrologic impacts of rangeland fire on runoff and erosion: A literature synthesis. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-351. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 110 p.
Topic(s): Fire Effects, Ecological - Second Order, Soils, Water
Ecosystem(s): Juniper woodland, Mountain shrubland/wooded draw, Sagebrush steppe
Document Type: Synthesis, Technical Report or White Paper
NRFSN number: 14674
Record updated: Oct 24, 2016