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This topic covers publications that monitor smoke emissions over time or report on methods to monitor the amount of emissions from various types of burning over time.  Within this topic, we have also placed the guides for public health officials and early warning fire detection systems that are being developed because there are no other topics that these topics to fit within.  In general, publications on methods for monitoring smoke, or results obtained on emissions over time, are the most applicable subjects for this topic.

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DOE Wildfire Mitigation: Sensing and Detection - Fire Testing Capabilities
Apr 8, 2021
Aaron J. Wilson, Hong Wang, Peter Fuhr, Andrew Duncan, Randy C. Schurtz, Alexander L. Brown
Smoke management: preparing and informing the public
Apr 17, 2012
Emily Irwin, Josh Hall


Management/Planning Documents

2007 Treatment of data influenced by exceptional events; final rule
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


2021 Global wildfire plume-rise dataset and parameterizations for climate model applications
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Ziming Ke, Yuhang Wang, Yufei Zou, Yongjia Song, Yongqiang Liu
2021 Short-term impacts of 2017 western North American wildfires on meteorology, the atmosphere's energy budget, and premature mortality
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Diana N. Bernstein, Douglas S. Hamilton, Rosalie Krasnoff, Natalie M. Mahowald, David S. Connelly, Simone Tilmes, Peter G. M. Hess
2020 Wildland fire emission factors in North America: synthesis of existing data, measurement needs and management applications
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Susan J. Prichard, Susan M. O'Neill, Paige C. Eagle, Anne Andreu, Brian Drye, Joel Dubowy, Shawn P. Urbanski, Tara Strand
2020 Traffic exhaust to wildfires: PM2.5 measurements with fixed and portable, low-cost LoRaWAN-connected sensors
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Hugh Forehead, Johan Barthelemy, Bilal Arshad, Nicolas Verstaevel, Owen F. Price, Pascal Perez
2020 Peat burning - an important source of pyridines in the earth atmosphere
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Dmitry S. Kosyakov, Nikolay V. Ul'yanovskii, Tomas B. Latkin, Sergey A. Pokryshkin, Valeria R. Berzhonskis, Olga V. Polyakova, Albert T. Lebedev
2020 Using Digital Technology to Protect Health in Prolonged Poor Air Quality Episodes: A Case Study of the AirRater App during the Australian 2019–20 Fires
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Sharon L. Campbell, Penelope J. Jones, Grant J. Williamson, Amanda J. Wheeler, Christopher Lucani, David M. J. S. Bowman, Fay H. Johnston
2020 Prescribed fires may mean safer smoke
Technical Report or White Paper
Casey Crownhart
2019 Accessing the life in smoke: a new application of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to sample wildland fire bioaerosol emissions and their environment
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Leda N. Kobziar, Melissa R.A. Pingree, Adam C. Watts, Kellen N. Nelson, Tyler J. Dreaden, Mary Ridout
2018 Contiguous United States wildland fire emission estimates during 2003-2015
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Shawn P. Urbanski, Matthew C. Reeves, Rachel E. Corley, Robin P. Silverstein, Wei Min Hao
2016 Smoke management photographic guide: a visual aid for communicating impacts
Technical Report or White Paper
Joshua C. Hyde, Jarod Blades, Troy E. Hall, Roger D. Ottmar, Alistair M. S. Smith
2016 Long-term post-disturbance forest recovery in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem analyzed using landsat time series stack
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Feng R. Zhao, Ran Meng, Chengquan Huang, Maosheng Zhao, Feng A. Zhao, Peng Gong, Zhiliang Zhu, Le Yu
2015 Determination of the smoke-plume heights and their dynamics with ground-based scanning LIDAR
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Vladimir A. Kovalev, Alexander P. Petkov, Cyle E. Wold, Shawn P. Urbanski, Wei Min Hao
2014 Perverse incentives: the case of wildfire smoke regulation
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Kirsten H. Engel
2013 FUEGO - Fire Urgency Estimator in Geosynchronous Orbit - A proposed early-warning fire detection system
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Carlton R. Pennypacker, Marek K. Jakubowski, Maggi Kelly, Michael Lampton, Christopher Schmidt, Scott L. Stephens, Robert Tripp
2013 Highlights of satellite-based forest change recognition and tracking using the ForWarn System
Technical Report or White Paper
Steven P. Norman, William W. Hargrove, Joseph P. Spruce, William M. Christie, Sean W. Schroeder
2013 Gas-particle partitioning of primary organic aerosol emissions: 3. Biomass burning
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Andrew A. May, Ezra Levin, Christopher J. Hennigan, Ilona Riipinen, Taehyoung Lee, Jeffrey L. Collett, Jose L. Jimenez, Sonia M. Kreidenweis, Allen L. Robinson
2009 A MODIS direct broadcast algorithm for mapping wildfire burned area in the western United States
Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Shawn P. Urbanski, J. Meghan Salmon, Bryce L. Nordgren, Wei Min Hao
2008 Wildfire smoke: a guide for public health officials
Technical Report or White Paper
Michael Lipsett, Barbara Materna, Susan Lyon Stone, Shannon Therriault, Robert Blaisdell, Jeff Cook
2007 Photographic handbook for comparing burned and unburned sites within a dry forested and grassland mosiac: a tool for communication, calibration, and monitoring post-fire effects
Technical Report or White Paper
Theresa B. Jain, Molly Juillerat, Jonathan Sandquist, Mike Ford, Brad Sauer, Robert J. Mitchell, Scott McAvoy, Justin Hanley, Jon David
2007 Treatment of data influenced by exceptional events; final rule
Management or Planning Document, Technical Report or White Paper
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2006 Using focus groups to involve citizens in resource management - investigating perceptions of smoke as a barrier to prescribed forest burning
Technical Report or White Paper
Brad R. Weisshaupt, Matthew S. Carroll, Keith A. Blatner, Pamela J. Jakes
2002 Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on air
Technical Report or White Paper
David V. Sandberg, Roger D. Ottmar, Janice L. Peterson, John Core
2001 Real-time smoke particulate sampling; fire storm 2000
Technical Report or White Paper
Andy Trent, Mary A. Davies, Richard Karsky, Richard W. Fisher
1990 Hydrocarbon and biomass fuel fire field tests
Conference Proceedings
Lawrence F. Radke, Dean A. Hegg, J. David Nance, Jaime H. Lyons, Krista K. Laursen, R. J. Ferek, Peter V. Hobbs, Raymond E. Weiss