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This topic covers the fire effects on historical artifacts, which are handmade objects characteristic of an earlier time or cultural stage usually found at an archaeological excavation. Artifacts include pottery, tools, dwellings, jewelry, clothing, baskets, etc.

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Working Together: Fire Managers and Archeologists
November 27, 2018 to November 29, 2018
4th Central Oregon Fire Science Symposium
March 24, 2016 to March 26, 2016


2016 ARCBURN: Linking field-based and experimental methods to quantify, predict, and manage fire effects on cultural resources - Final Report to the Joint Fire Science Program
Technical Report or White Paper
Rachel A. Loehman, Bret W. Butler, Jamie Civitello, Connie Constan, Jennifer Dyer, Zander Evans, Megan Friggens, Rebekah Kneifel, James J. Reardon, Madeline Scheintaub, Anastasia Steffen
2012 Chapter 9: Implications of fire management on cultural resources
Synthesis, Technical Report or White Paper
Rebecca Timmons, Leonard F. DeBano, Kevin C. Ryan
2012 Chapter 2: Fire behavior and effects: principles for archaeologists
Synthesis, Technical Report or White Paper
Kevin C. Ryan, Cassandra L. Koerner
2009 Mapping tradeoffs in values at risk at the interface between wilderness and non-wilderness lands
Conference Proceedings
Alan E. Watson, Roian Matt, Tim Waters, Kari Gunderson, Stephen J. Carver, Brett Davis
Culturally peeled trees handbook
Technical Report or White Paper
Marcy Reiser, Laurie S. Huckaby