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The NRFSN research and publications database leads users to regionally relevant fire science. There are more than 4,800 documents, which have been carefully categorized by the NRFSN to highlight topics and ecosystems important in the Northern Rockies Region. Categorized resources include records from the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES), and Fire Effects Information System (FEIS).

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This article examines findings from a 2016 study on gender and leadership within the British Columbia Wildfire Service (BCWS), Canada. The study utilised action research to facilitate an in-depth conversation among wildland firefighters about gender and leadership, and to explore participant-derived actions steps within the BCWS...
Author(s): Rachel Reimer, Christine Eriksen
Year Published: 2018
Type: Document : Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Although communication is often cited as a contributor to organisational accidents, complexities of the communication context are still understudied. In training materials and some investigative reports, communication is often presented as an equipment issue or as a simple skill that can be picked up on the job. However, interviews...
Author(s): Rebekah L. Fox, Elena Gabor, David Thomas, Jennifer Ziegler, Anne E. Black
Year Published: 2017
Type: Document : Book or Chapter or Journal Article
The aims of this research were to develop and test a scale used to measure leadership in wildland firefighting using two samples of USA wildland firefighters. The first collection of data occurred in the spring and early summer and consisted of an online survey. The second set of data was collected towards late summer and early fall...
Author(s): Alexis L. Waldron, David P. Schary, Bradley J. Cardinal
Year Published: 2015
Type: Document : Book or Chapter or Journal Article
In October, the 12th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit in Sydney, Australia brought together students of fire from all over the world to explore new approaches in wildland fire safety. Participants attended from the USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, France, New Zealand and Australia to take part in the summit.
Author(s): Rebekah L. Fox
Year Published: 2013
Type: Document : Conference Proceedings
This study examined the effects of organisational, environmental, group and individual characteristics on five components of safety climate (High Reliability Organising Practices, Leadership, Group Culture, Learning Orientation and Mission Clarity) in the US federal wildland fire management community. Of particular interest were...
Author(s): Anne E. Black, Brooke Baldauf McBride
Year Published: 2013
Type: Document : Book or Chapter or Journal Article
The Mann Gulch fire, which over ran 16 firefighters in 1949, is analyzed to show its probable movement with respect to the crew. The firefighters were smokejumpers who had parachuted near the fire on August 5, 1949. While they were moving to a safer location, the fire blocked their route. Three survived, the foreman who ignited...
Author(s): Richard C. Rothermel
Year Published: 1993
Type: Document : Technical Report or White Paper
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