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Programs aimed at enhancing safety by addressing the proximate cause of an accident only consider a small portion of the safety picture. Merely addressing the proximate cause fails to consider that the system either directly or indirectly trains, reinforces, and even expects employees to demonstrate hazardous behavior. An effective...
Author(s): Curt Braun
Year Published: 1995
Type: Document : Conference Proceedings
The Mann Gulch fire, which over ran 16 firefighters in 1949, is analyzed to show its probable movement with respect to the crew. The firefighters were smokejumpers who had parachuted near the fire on August 5, 1949. While they were moving to a safer location, the fire blocked their route. Three survived, the foreman who ignited...
Author(s): Richard C. Rothermel
Year Published: 1993
Type: Document : Technical Report or White Paper
The death of 13 men in the Mann Gulch fire disaster, made famous in Norman Maclean's Young Men and Fire, is analyzed as the interactive disintegration of role structure and sensemaking in a minimal organization. Four potential sources of resilience that make groups less vulnerable to disruptions of sensemaking are proposed to...
Author(s): Karl E. Weick
Year Published: 1993
Type: Document : Book or Chapter or Journal Article
In a presentation to the USDA Forest Service's national Fire and Aviation Staff, Gleason provides a clear overview of his proposed Lookouts, Communication, Escape Routes, Safety Zones (LCES) method of training firefighters for greater safety. After defining LCES, he discusses how it should be implemented on the ground. He emphasizes...
Author(s): Paul Gleason
Year Published: 1991
Type: Document : Management or Planning Document
This issue of Fire Management Notes contains articles on fire shelters, fire behavior, the Butte Fire (Idaho 1985), crew mobilization, and using prescribed fire.
Year Published: 1986
Type: Document : Book or Chapter or Journal Article
This report analyzed the events leading up to the Lake Mountain Fire entrapment in the Salmon National Forest, Idaho, in 1985.  The authors looked at the fire and activities in terms of the 10 standard fire fighting orders and the 13 shout-out conditions and developed recommended actions to prevent fire shelter deployment...
Author(s): Dave Dahl, Jim Sweeney, Roy Keck
Year Published: 1985
Type: Document : Management or Planning Document
This is a report summary that includes conclusions, recommendations, and interview from the safety officer on the fire entrapment incident in the Salmon National Forest on July 4, 1985.
Year Published: 1985
Type: Document : Management or Planning Document
This pdf contains two letters and a record of the findings, interviews, and analysis of the use of fire shelters in the Butte Fire in Idaho in 1985.
Author(s): John A. Hafterson
Year Published: 1985
Type: Document : Management or Planning Document
On August 21, 1937, the tragic Blackwater Fire caused the death of 15 firefighters, burning approximately 1,700 acres of National Forest System lands on the Shoshone National Forest, near Cody, Wyoming. An electrical storm occurred in the general vicinity of Blackwater Creek on Wednesday, August 18th causing a fire, which was not...
Author(s): Erle Kauffman
Year Published: 1937
Type: Document : Book or Chapter or Journal Article
Understanding the detailed physical and social context surrounding wildfire and WUI fire fatalities is crucial in terms of ensuring effective emergency management policy and practice. Studies of fatalities over prolonged periods ensure changing trends in vulnerabilities and exposure are identified (e.g., Haynes et al. 2010; Molina-...
Author(s): Katharine Haynes, Karen C. Short, Gavriil Xanthopoulos, Domingos Xavier Viegas, Luís M. Ribeiro, Raphaele M. Blanchi
Type: Document : Book or Chapter or Journal Article


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