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The NRFSN research and publications database leads users to regionally relevant fire science. There are more than 4,000 documents, which have been carefully categorized by the NRFSN to highlight topics and ecosystems important in the Northern Rockies Region. Categorized resources include records from the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES), and Fire Effects Information System (FEIS).

Note: Additional Northern Rockies fire research is available from our Webinar & Video Archive.

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Recreation: Social Aspects of Fire: Fire events often have a large impact on recreation and tourism. Local and visiting populations are affected by the impacts, which include short and long-term biophysical effects, indirect effects of fire operations, fuel treatments, area closures, and other disruptions to human systems. However,...
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In Module 3 of this short course, Prof Dekker explains the promise and potential of restorative justice in your organization.
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The intent of this resource is to provide a library of information on significant wildland fire events in order to assist individuals who want to conduct staff rides to those sites and to provide a reference source for individuals who want to develop new staff rides for incidents of local interest. A staff ride consists of three...
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A webinar on the roles individuals, leaders and organizations have in improving performance. Historically human performance has been seen as a simply looking at how the individual workers behave. The focus of post incident analysis, for example, has been to judge actions and decisions based on the result or outcome; essentially, if...
Type: Media : Webinar
This 14 minute video is an overview of the people and resources needed for wildland firefighting. Video goal is to prepare firefighter for success in their first assignment on a fire.
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Firefighters discuss the entrapment of the Perryville Fire Crew on the 1990 Dude fire. This is raw video footage from News Channel 12.
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The Northeast Forest Fire Protection Compact and the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange held a partners meeting, Igniting Exchange: Bridging the Gap between Science and Management. A true EXCHANGE designed to expose fire managers to useful scientific studies and expose scientists to the implications of their science....
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Diane Hutton tells how she and her crew filled in their knowledge gaps while conducting a multi-year burn plan on the Beaverhead National Forest at the Big Hole National Monument battlefield.
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Bill Gabbert interviewed Mr. Harbor for Wildfire Today two weeks before his retirement date. In this segment, Mr. Harbour talks about how many firefighters the USFS will have in 2016, tracking firefighters and the location of a flaming front, smokejumpers, the agency’s responsibility regarding protecting structures, and the decline...
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The Fire Leadership Toolbox links to the professional reading program, online courses for leadership skills, a staff ride guide and library, a tactical decision games workbook and library, examples of sand tables, standard operating procedures workbook, the crew cohesion assessment, tips for briefings, leadership reaction scenarios...
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These resources are compiled in partnership with the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES), and Fire Effects Information System (FEIS).