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Montana Public Radio Fireline Episode 01: Suppressed

March 9, 2021
Justin Angle
Nick Mott
Victor Yvellez
Lily Clarke

By just about every measure, wildfires are getting bigger, hotter, and more devastating than we’ve ever seen before. But what all that fire means — and what to do about it — depends on who you ask. Our view of fire is complicated. There’s fire as catastrophe, as something to be controlled and wiped off the landscape, feared. And there’s fire as something natural and essential, beautiful. So, how do we reconcile those two views of fire? How did we get ourselves into this mess? And what can we do about it? Listen now on Fireline, a six part series about what wildfire means for the West, the world and our way of life.”

Fireline Episode 1: Suppressed: When Lily Clarke arrived at the August Complex Fire, it was a fire of sensational size. The blaze eventually burned more than 1 million acres, becoming the largest recorded wildfire in California history. Across the country in 2020, flames charred an area nearly 5 times the size of Yellowstone National Park — the largest swath of land burned since reliable records began. Wildfires across the country are getting bigger, hotter and more devastating. But what’s all this fire really mean — for the west, for firefighters and for everyday folks? And what’s it really like to fight fire on the ground?

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Fire Ecology
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